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We are looking for young talents (Country preferred: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg) for marketing activities. The candidates will be working towards brand building and brand promotion.

Job Details

  • Industry – Software
  • Functional Area – Branding and Promotion, Business Development
  • Role – Brand Executive
  • Nature – Part-time / Full-time

Key Competencies

  • Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic
  • Self-starter, ability to work with minimum of supervision
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail results driven
  • Flexible and open to changing priorities

Job Description

  • To create Brand Awareness of the company.
  • To tap the potential market in the respective region
  • Responsible to create a buzz off-line and online, through the execution of impactful brand-building initiatives (Offline: Distributing brochures and pamphlets, Outdoor poster campaigns and leafleting, Online: Social media groups, Blogs, Mailer campaigns etc).
  • Should be responsible for bringing in sales and collection.
  • Maintaining database and leveraging for all marketing campaigns SMS, email marketing etc.
  • Coordinating B2C events.
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